Site Plan of the Future Campus In Shaa Allah

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The New Campus will provide:
* A Full Size Gym / Cafetorium 
* A Media Center / Library
* Dedicated Quran Studies & Hifdh Classroom
* Single Gender Classroom for Boys & Girls
* Dedicated Prayer Spaces
* Plenty of Outdoor Play Spaces
* Large Parking Lots
* Room for further Expansion

ST is a non profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

For a more detailed look at our future plans check out this document.

Financial Update 

Updated 01/05/2021 

Land Purchase
ST purchased 11.2 acres of land on Ford Road, between Beck & Ridge Road, in Canton, MI for $670,000.
No bank was used. 
ST has paid $450,000. Remaining $220,000 has to be paid in 2 equal payments annually ending June 2022. 

Construction Cost Estimate Phase 1
To develop approximately half the land, get all permits and approvals, and all construction is estimated to cost $3 million. 
Includes site planning, parking lot and Phase 1 building (23,000 sq. ft. ). 
This building will be able to accommodate 100+ full-time students as well as offer community athletic activities, summer school and after-school/weekend classes. 

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