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Lower Elementary Curriculum (KG - GR 3)
  • Quran: Recitation & Memorization

  • ​Islamic Studies: Seerah, Aqeedah & Arabic

  • Core Curriculum: Math Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts

  • Community Service

  • Arts & Crafts

  • ​Physical Education

Upper Elementary and Middle School Curriculum (GR 4 -8)

Our flagship program makes us innovators in the field of Islamic Sciences for school-aged children. Our academic program is based on research-based, CCSS-aligned curricula in Math (Singapore Math), English Language Arts (Making Meaning, Being A Writer), Science (Next Generation Science Standards), and Social Studies. Along with the core academics, our students also spend 2 hours per day on individualized Quran memorization with proper review and tajweed.

Students are also exposed to the miraculous beauty of the Quran through studying Fus-ha Arabic. Students study grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, and conversation in the language of the Holy Quran with a goal of a deeper understanding of the beauty of the Quran. 

In keeping with our vision of giving students an in-depth understanding of the Quran, we also teach them Word Analysis and Tafseer of the Holy Quran. Word Analysis is a thorough word-by-word study of every word of the first Juz of the Quran. Given most words in the Quran are frequently repeated, this class allows students to not only develop vocabulary and understand most of the words in the Quran but also connect to the Fus-ha Arabic class which covers grammar. Word analysis focuses on root derivation, root meanings, and running translation. ( based on the Al Huda International model). Students also study the tafseer of the Holy Quran ( based on Ibn Kathir, Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda, Ustadha Farhat Hashmi, Dr. Israr Ahmed & others) thereby directly getting an understanding of the Message of Allah (swt) and relating it to their lives. 

Regular community service activities and field trips provide another dimension to their learning experience. Through regular community service activities, students receive the hands-on experience of "living the Sunnah" by giving to others. Students visit the elderly and the sick, raise funds for winter clothes drives, distribute winter items to needy families, and pack and distribute food to needy families through local charities. Implementation of Sunnah is a daily routine for all students including use of miswaak, reading Quran after fajr, qaylula (afternoon nap), duas for all occasions & more. 

Another unique aspect of our program is our 'Stand & Deliver training. In an increasingly competitive world, one who has mastered the art of speech stands out from the crowd. As such, we teach our students public speaking to articulate their viewpoints and ideas. They gain confidence by putting their skills into action by presenting weekly in a family-oriented setting. 

Seerah completes the package with learning about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S). Students appreciate early Muslims' trials, wisdom, and humanity and relate them to modern day events and their own lives. The study of the Seerah is essential in raising balanced, compassionate, intelligent Muslims. Riyadhus Saaliheen furthers the study of the teachings of the Prophet (saw) and allows students to be introduced to the world of Hadith.  

Uloomul Quran, Uloomul Hadeeth, and Uloomul Tafseer are taught in our Uloom class. This class teaches our young students of knowledge to realize the immense wealth of knowledge that exists with regards to our deen. It also allows our students to better understand the Quran and Hadeeth by studying the history of revelation and compilation. This further enhances their understanding when studying tafseer and hadeeth. 

Art and PE classes ensure students receive a holistic educational experience as well as bring out their talents. 

Middle School Students participate in the I-CREST Projects. I-CREST is a year-round project based on Islamic creativity in Science and Technology. Students create hands-on models, interact with technology (coding, web design, etc), write a report, and present their findings to a panel of judges. 

Despite being an intense program, our students display outstanding academic performance and are taught to be exemplary in character and conduct.

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