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Our Accomplishments
Full-Time Islamic School
  • Fully licensed Preschool with waiting list for boys & girls

  • Girls full time Islamic School [KG - 8th Grade]

  • Boys full time Islamic School program [KG - 5th Grade]

  • Separate classes for boys & girls from 3rd Grade & up

  • Maximum memorization of the Quran

  • Daily Morning Adhkaar & Quran Recitation 

  • High level of Arabic language acquisition

  • Leadership training through monthly community service projects

  • Training in public speaking, time management, and team building

  • Character education

  • Academic curriculum fully aligned with and exceeding Common Core National Standards

  • Student-led Da'wah outreach programs

  • 20+ hours per week of traditional Islamic Sciences taught in a modern context

  • Successfully teaching; Tafseer of the Quran, Seerah, Aqeedah, Ikhlaq, Fiqh of Salah, Word Analysis of the Quran, Comparative Religions, Riyad-us-Saaliheen, plus a variety of concentrated workshops

  • Middle School STEM Projects

  • Application of daily Sunnahs

Quran Memorization Programs:

  • Full-Time hifdh program for girl [8-13 years]

  • Full-Time hifdh program for boys & girls with academics [7-8 years]

After-School & Weekend Programs:

  • Summer program for children of the community

  • After-School Islamics Clubs for Adults & Kids

  • Saturday School with Quran Memorization, Recitation & Islamic Studies


  • Fully licensed facility for Preschool & K-8 School with two playgrounds, paid off without use of bank

  • Paid off two-third of the 11.2 Acres land bought for expansion without use of bank

Outstanding Academic Performance

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