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Check Out Our Middle School I-Crest Projects


Students were tasked with a research based project integrating Islamic knowledge with Science and Technology.  Students requested community members to mentor them through this journey. Work logs were required as well as weekly progress checks. 

  • Choose a topic of interest to be researched 

  • Create a functional and attractive website 

  • Survey varied community members

  • Create a professionally written and presented 3000 word report

  • Give a 5-7 minute presentation on the research done and conclusions drawn. 

  Please check out the websites created by the students below - click on the highlighted titles below: 

        Haneen Hasan : A Scientific Research In Light of Quran and Sunnah (

        Esma Alysofi : Cleanliness (

        Hufsah Sandila : How Was The Universe Constructed? (

        Labiba Qazi: The Logic Behind Prohibited Food (

        Hefsa Anwar : Modesty Proven Beneficial (

        Maaria Anwar : Benefits of Salah in Every Dimension (

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