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High School Curriculum

Our high school students lead the way by being role models to their fellow students. High school students receive 2 hours of individualized Quran memorization class daily to ensure their review and new Memorization remain consistent. They also receive a higher level Fus-ha Arabic instruction. Our goal is for them to be able to read and understand classical Arabic text. They will have completed one round of Tafseer of the Holy Quran in middle school and so are ready for higher level Islamic Studies. They are instructed in Bulugh ul Maram (Fiqh) in Arabic and have a Tazkiya class. 

We challenge our high school students to give back to ST from the knowledge they have acquired during their time here. As such, they co-teach (under supervision) a lower grade level. They are tasked with building lesson plans, preparing material and teaching in class. 

Their core academic subjects are covered through online public schools (e.g. GLCA). ST takes no responsibility for the online public school. 

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