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Earn Sadaqa Jaariya in Two Ways: 
Spreading Beneficial Knowledge & Building an Endowment
Preserve the Deen for Future Generations!
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  • Zakat Eligible- Zakat funds used for scholarships!
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The Vision:

Shajara Tayyiba is a fully licensed institution that offers preschool through 9th grade education. Our program is designed to address the community's growing need for a school that provides leadership training in the traditional Islamic Sciences in a modern context without compromising academic excellence. The Shajara Tayyiba vision is to educate, engage, and engender tomorrow's young Muslims to be strong leaders who live, love, and learn their Deen, internalize the Quran and Sunnah, take leadership in Da'wah, and achieve academic excellence. We want to make sure that throughout this current crisis our children still have access to a proper Islamic Education.

What We Offer:

  • Scholarship funding which accepts Zakat money

  • All girls full time Islamic School [Preschool - 9th Grade]

  • Boys full time Islamic School program [Preschool - 5th Grade]

  • Maximum memorization of the Quran

  • High level of Arabic language acquisition

  • Leadership training through monthly community service projects

  • Training in public speaking, time management, and team building

  • Character education

  • Academic curriculum fully aligned with and exceeding Common Core National Standards

  • Student-led Da'wah outreach programs

  • 20+ hours per week of traditional Islamic Sciences taught in a modern context

  • Daily subjects include: Tafseer of the Quran, Seerah, Aqeedah, Ikhlaq, Fiqh of Salah, Word Analysis of the Quran, Comparative Religions, Riyad-us-Saaliheen, plus a variety of concentrated workshops

  • Fully licensed facility with two playgrounds

  • Summer program for children of the community

  • After school classes for adults & children

  • Saturday School for children of the community

  • Full-time Quran Memorization program

We Need Your Support!

We need the funds to:

  • Cover the cost of  supplies, salaries, maintenance of the current facility, utility bills and much more

  • Make payments towards our future campus project

  • Help students with scholarships. We fund many students yearly through our scholarship fund and expect more students to be in need following this covid crisis. All scholarship funds also accept zakat money so take advantage of this sadqae jariayah! 

We request you to invest in the school where we are striving to preserve the deen by teaching & training our youth!

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From the Heart of a Grateful Parent!

"Alhamdulillah big shout out to Shajara Tayyiba for which Maheen Malik and I moved to Canton MI, leaving our comfort zone behind and it took lot of sacrifice and changes to make sure the kids receive superior Islamic and secular knowledge while maintaining a strong Islamic character not found in public schools. I can truly say while every Islamic project has its challenges, this is a